Now I Think it Has Gotten Worse


If anyone at all was reading this blog, it has lain dormant due to Fate and teeth-kickings. I don’t suppose I believe in Fate, but if I did I would seriously suspect that She plans on using me to generate very dark and hopeless writings. Perhaps she wants all of humanity to finally wake up to its dismal pointless condition and commit mass suicide.

By the way, how did all the wealth in the world just disappear? How the fuck did we go into a depression during a war? Who stole all the fucking money, kids? SOMEBODY IS LAUGHING.

I continue to be mesmerized by the horror that is Homo sapiens. I highly suspect that if there is somebody behind this mess, they did it just for fun. To see what would happen to everyone else, look down, and laugh.

Well, I suppose we deserve it. Look at us. Just look at us.


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