(bitter reflection upon the past deleted)

In any case, ME ME ME ME ME have proofreading credits for a book I love, to wit, the latest release from Chip Smith’s always thoughtful (well, except when he snorts Drano and agrees to publish me later this year, of course) Nine-Banded Books label, is…

by Jim Crawford.
I couldn’t be prouder.

PS proof-monkey fuh fackts: -er vs more as a comparative:

The general rool of thmz is that two syllables or less is -er, three or more is ‘more,’ which generally works. (Cooler vs. more atrocious.) BUT the real, secret base rool iz: if it’s a middle English or olde Ynglishe root (ie not Greek or Latin) then it’s -er. If Greek or Latin, or Latin via French (huzzah for 1066 and all that! variety, spice, yer know), then use the alienating ‘more.’ Bitte!


  1. metamorphhh

    Thanks, Ann. Your inscribed 'collector's edition' (wink, wink) is in transit even as we speak. Well, as I type, anyway. You were a tremendous help, and I'm very grateful…jim

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