I can’t stop “They’re Winning” by the Walkmen running through my head

For christ’s sake, I first heard this song, what, a decade ago? When I had hope. When I was young. When I had illusions. Oh, what can I say about illusions? They’re the only thing that makes life worth living — and yet they’re the thing that makes people commit the most atrocious actions. War. Birth. Murder. None of these horrors would be worth committing were it not for the delusion that they are somehow important, good, or at least instructive. And then you live the rest of your life, which is indeed mostly composed of “I’ve stood in line/so many times/how can I/do it all again?”…


  1. bronstein72

    But i almost agree wholeheartedly.
    Just don't pull a Seventh Sojourn on us.
    The last song on the SEventh Sojourn is "he's just a singer in a rock n roll band."
    The truth is, we all are.
    Stick with the song before that.

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