Call for submissions, part two: HOPELESS BOOKS, UNINC.

aka My vast and wicked publishing empire.

So, I decided to start a publishing company this week. No, that’s not exactly true; this week I was reminded that, several months ago, I made a drunken promise to start a publishing company.

I’m hard at work setting up the blog and editing release #3, so let me just give you a screen shot and a link by way of further explanation:


Feel free to submit manuscripts (fiction preferred, genre fiction accepted, brilliant nonfiction also taken with zest, but I may recommend a more nonfiction-centric publisher) to the same email address given in Call for Submissions, Part One (

But be forewarned: My business model is zero budget—except for cover art; by the way, ALL royalties will go to the authors, I’m only keepin’ my own—but it’s not zero risk. I’m staking my reputation on my writers’ talent.

So, thin skins, please do not apply with something that sucks and then get some sort of passive-aggressive Intertubes revenge. Please. It will be bad for both our souls. I mean, sure, you’ll probably want to say some nasty things about me, I know the feeling, but do it in an honorable fashion, SVP.

Of course I’m interested in antinatalist literature, but my judgments
will be aesthetically based, not ideologically based. Never cling too hard to an “ism”; it will ruin your eyes. So if you send me
something like this embarrassingly written thing,
I will agree very cordially with your opinion about reproduction, but
not with your opinion about your writing talent, and we will not be able
to work together, to my regret.

Nevertheless, I encourage you to submit. Whatever your opinions about things. Because the only thing I know for sure is that we’re all sort of on the Titanic.



  1. The Evil Gringo

    Best wishes for the new venture. At a point in history when the authorities have solemnly assured us that nobody reads anymore, starting a book publishing enterprise is downright seditious.

    1. Post

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