RIP, Mr. Bowden.

The reprint of Jonathan Bowden’s Sade is now out on Nine-Banded Books; I was lucky enough to have the honor of transcribing and proofreading it. It’s one of those books that gets better every time you run your eyes over it. To tell you the truth, I prefer it to de Sade.

To the reader’s inchoate sorrow, Bowden did not live to see the reprint.

“Sade broke through
the barrier which Fichte could not pass through and
the world may be in the mind but the mind is part of
the world. In other words the mind exists independently
of the world it comprehends and this interdependency
of mind and matter hints at something
further. In other words the idea is broached that mind
is a form of matter and matter is a form of mind, in
that both couple and uncouple in an interconnective
sense. Something which says—in essence—that everything
contains everything within itself; in short,
that rationality does not exist. Moreover, the mind
does not exist in a way which separates it from matter;
furthermore, energy in the mind and energy in
matter are fundamentally similar.”

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