Someone Liebsters you

The good news: I got an award I’ve never heard of!

The bad news: No money! Why was this even invented?

I shouldn’t be an ingrate, though. I’ve been Liebstered by Elijah Armstrong, and now I have to write a blog post about it/myself in order to accept. Well, at least no trees will die in the making of this immortal work. At least I don’t think there are a lot of tree-burning power plants left in the world, though I could be wrong. And for all I know this is a prestigious award; I just happen to avoid those sectors of the Internet where people approve of stuff.

Basically, when you get one of these, you answer a list of wacky questions, then write your own list of wacky questions and send them to your own chosen bunch of blograts. The detailed rules are at the end of this post, preceded by a list of my nominees and a list of questions for them. (If you are on this page because I have nominated you: scroll to the bottom and read the rules to orient yourself.)

And thank you, Elijah! I may be a smartass about it but I appreciate any crumb from the table of the gods. Not that I don’t hate the gods, but I’ll still eat the crumb. I don’t think Elijah is an immortal, however (correct me if I’m wrong), so that’s a shitty metaphor. Anyway. Here’s a link to Elijah’s amusing and informative blog:

…and then we commence. His questions for his nominees, and my answers:


  1. Mr. Mean-Spirited

    Over the last few days, your Liebster questions are looking more and more enticing; your inquiry (#6) about my belief in God is especially tempting to a confirmed misotheist. I appreciate the cyber-nod to my misanthropic blog.

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