I may live to regret saying this…

… but if you want to annoy yourself with another example of screaming mommy privilege, friend me on Facebook. This thread captures all of breeder entitlement’s greatest hits, leaping in a single bound from calling people conservatives to calling them Nazis to refusing to continue the conversation because someone else JUST WON’T ADMIT THEY’RE WRONG… and then I get invited to don a burqa and die, which is actually kind of original.



  1. Anonymous

    Damn it! I wanted to see this.
    written by: "sick-of-paying-for-idiots'-decisions-to-breed", aka "Anonymous"

  2. Post
    Ann Sterzinger

    Ha! Sick of paying for them indeed. I don't recall rejecting any friend requests on Facebook in the past couple of days; I wouldn't tell anyone your name. But giving up your anonymity even slightly just to see an idiot call people Nazis may or may not be worth it.

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