Hours and hours of merciless torture

I’ll admit it: not being military personnel, I didn’t get Guantanamo Bay. Why would you break some of the most fundamental laws of being a free American? Why would you torture prisoners like some 12th-century mad monk, without even reassuring yourself that your victims had received due process of the law? Why would you behave like barbarians?

Well, as a journalist and satirist, after the Charlie Hebdo attack, I get it now. I want those murderers waterboarded for MONTHS before they’re slowly, slowly bled to death. Military people have been dying by the thousands at the hands of these cunts. When the enemy kills people of your own profession—those of your “bande,” as even Liberation had the nerve to put it yesterday—they have given up the right to those rights we hold to be self-evident. Is this a slippery slope? NO. It is a deterrent to those who would destroy the entire hill. The terrorists don’t mind death; they think they’re going to heaven, and not only is killing us increasing their chances, it’s speeding their reward. But torture? Hours and hours of horrible, soul-destroying torture? Even if they THINK that’s what they want, let their last hours be filled with the realization of what assholes, what bad people, and what merely human people they are. Let them spend hours and hours begging their imaginary prophet to save them from the consequences of their own actions. Now that ten of my own have been killed, I wish the authorities would say “Fuck French law; these animals don’t deserve it.”

Wish I knew who drew this so I could credit them… the unprecedented circulation of images of the Prophet is a wonderful irony, but now we’re all shitting all over each other’s intellectual property in the feeding frenzy.

Because why should we extend those hard-fought Enlightenment liberties to those who want to destroy them? To those who would erase them from the earth in the name of their own extended ego, the privilege they reserve to be insulted and seek revenge in place of the prophet, their inhuman self-esteem and self-importance. They must be reminded before they die that they are nothing but humans, humans who seek to destroy other humans in the name of a Platonic hallucination—fuck you, Plato; you who have given philosophical credence to all of these fantasies—and must no longer be treated with kid gloves.

Unfortunately, judges are not journalists, nor are prison guards; there will be no revenge torture allowed, and good grief, the French penal system might even let these subhumans walk free in 20 years or so. But I apologize to all the military personnel I know: Maybe this makes me a bad person, but I’m sorry for complaining about Guantanamo Bay. Those assholes do not deserve the protection of our laws. Human rights are a fragile thing in history, and those who would destroy them entirely forfeit them personally. I know I must sound like a hypocrite to anyone who is neither military/police nor a satirist, but believe me, unless YOU’RE very skilled in keeping up doublethink in order to be a nice bien-pensant, when they come for your brothers, you’ll be reaching for the thumbscrews.

NOTE: (Jan. 16) After a week of calming down somewhat, it occurs to me that I could probably never actually put screws on anybody’s thumbs. Well, except for that one ex, for a while. But I DO better understand now why stuff like Guantanamo Bay happens, and won’t be quite so quick to judge in the future as I was before my semblables were targeted. Not that I’m as important or famous as those guys, blah blah blah disclaimer.


  1. Karl

    Nothing to argue with there. Time to stop pandering to the multicultural Left brigade and show one means business. I'm fairly nauseated by the amount of Facebook 'friends' I've seen urging 'caution' and 'restraint' in response. I'm pretty sure if one of those crazies were heading for me and I had a gun, cautious restraint would be the last thing on my mind. And as a resident of London, I know they ARE heading for me.

  2. Anonymous

    "[…] that your victims had received due process of the law […]"

    The point of due process is not that it's a nice formality that has some intrinsic value of its own, the point is to ensure (or rather, increase the likelihood) that you actually have the right guy. The more of due process you skip, the more likely it becomes that you're imprisoning/executing/torturing the wrong guy.

  3. Bazompora

    The article of Libération that is linked in this post does in fact completely disagree with the kind of message in this post. Laurent Joffrin calls for a fair trial for the murderers, "ni plus, ni moins". He denotes that the victims are of the tolerant left and not your islamophobic right, precisely to attack the collective of liberties, i.e. exercises of rights, that you now wish to attack from the other side. Furthermore he indicates that if reporters at home now die like war correspondents, that this still makes neither a soldier and neither reporter should lose sight of their vocation by becoming a participant in the war.

    It is up to those who aren't blinded by personal heartbreak to remain the voice of reason and not stoke the fires of extremism. And it doesn't get more extreme than torture, the only punishment worse than death. Why would this case be more offensive than the slaying of unarmed civilians by the cops that are supposed to protect them? What did any of us lose? Could it be that you have lost a sense of invulnerability — the supposition that the Western world is a sanctuary, sacredly safe from the chaos it dumps onto the rest of the world? Wishing to restore an unassailable Western advance lead as the biggest baddest barbarian assholes, isn't that also wishing for thumbscrews with your own name on them?

  4. Anonymous

    Yeah, but …… Ummmmm … False flag?
    This reeks of Mossad. If true, then your change in attitude is an indication of their success.
    We're really down the rabbit hole.

  5. Post
    Ann Sterzinger

    Oh boy, not another genius who's cleverly seen through the Heebie-Jeebie Conspiracy. Can you enlighten the rest of us as to how Mossad got a bunch of Muslims to go on a suicide false flag mission AGAINST the prophet? Offered them a job as bank tellers if they survived, perhaps?

    1. Anonymous

      Where to begin?

      During my lifetime USG has overtly or covertly supported "regime change" in Afghanistan, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Cuba, Congo, Dominican Republic, Ghana, Guatemala, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Nicaragua, Poland, Somalia, South Vietnam, Syria, Tibet, Turkey, and Venezuela. Oh, and bombed the bejesus out of Libya. But that was NATO, wasn't it? Dang! FBI and/or CIA may have been involved in the Kennedy assassinations, the MLK assassination, USS Liberty, the Nixon downfall, USS Pueblo, Operation Gladio, the delayed release of the US hostages from Iran, the funding of the Contras via cocaine profits (the last two completely unrelated and euphemistically called Iran/Contra), Ruby Ridge, Waco, and 911. Did I leave out anything? Yes, undoubtedly.

      Mossad has expertise in international arms sales, money laundering, kidnapping, and assassination (at least when they manage to get the right guy). Neither Mossad, CIA, nor FBI consult with me, so I am unable to provide details.

      Triggermen are needed to actually pull triggers. Prior to the trigger pulling, it helps to have Daddy Warbucks purchase guns and ammo, arrange transportation and housing, supply travel documents and logistics, and provide some pocket change. A few bucks for surviving family members after the triggermen meet Allah is a nice touch. How did they do it, IF they did it? Again, Mossad doesn't consult with me, so I don't know. The timing of Hebdo, one month after French MPs recognise Palestine as a state, is suspicious.

      Whenever I read about ANYTHING AT ALL that happens, I have to ask the question, "I wonder what really happened?". I'm no genius – just a poor slob like Lester Reichartsen trying to make some sense of this bad LSD trip of a modern world.

      Anonymous aka MidnightDumper

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    Ann Sterzinger

    Also, how come ZERO of the Jewish people I know seem to be aware of the international conspiracy? Even if there is one, the majority of the kind of people who get trapped in Paris temples by howling mobs of Muslims are hardly in a position to profit from it.

    OR… wait a minute… they're all lying to me because I seem like a useful idiot, I suppose. OH MY GOD! Dear all the Jewish people I know: You got some 'splainin' to do. (snif) I thought you liked me.

  8. Post
    Ann Sterzinger

    "The point of due process is not that it's a nice formality that has some intrinsic value of its own, the point is to ensure (or rather, increase the likelihood) that you actually have the right guy. The more of due process you skip, the more likely it becomes that you're imprisoning/executing/torturing the wrong guy."

    Yeah, I could have phrased that better. I'm not thrilled about skipping due process—the Charlie Hebdo shooters should get a very thorough trial before they get their entrails torn out slowly through their noses—I'm just saying I now have a better understanding of what's going through the guards' heads at Guantanamo when they commit their atrocities.

  9. Post
    Ann Sterzinger

    Bazompora: Odd to see an antinatalist blaming all of humanity's suffering on one section thereof—would you be OK with breeding if the West just went away?—but I guess that's your M.O. Also odd to see an antinatalist defending bloodthirsty theists. Even odder to hear anyone claim that anyone in the West still feels invulnerable when we've been attacked by terrorists over and over and over and over and over and over again. But I guess those who ARE still stupid enough to think they're immune to violence and upheaval are the ones who still think "the religion of peace" is NOT the most horribly funny phrase they've heard in a decade.

    1. Bazompora

      It would be odd for this antinatalist to lay all blame for everything that's wrong in the world with the West … if it weren't a strawman, yes.

      Haven't our governments been supporting "Al-Qaeda" mujahedin in Afghanistan against communism, in Iraq against oil exports in Euros, in Lybia against an African monetary union and now in Syria against an appendage of the BRICS countries' sphere of influence? In the latter, "we" have been defending the legitimacy of the "Arab Spring" against Assad, even when it was known to attract and thrive upon European adventurers among the disadvantaged. "We" sure helped make these "bloodthirsty theists" with colonialism, racism, neo-liberalism and sponsoring the opium for these masses. Right now, these are OUR rebels coming back with a vengeance.

      Anyway, this latest bunch of bloodthirsty theocrats ("theists" are merely folks who don't take facts serious enough) chose to get killed the way they killed: without mercy, remorse or prolongation. As bad as they were, when things come around, they were ar least not as whiny as those state-sponsored killers that you call soldiers.

  10. Post
    Ann Sterzinger

    Anyone who's familiar with your habitual commenting style knows that's not a strawman (a strawman would look more like your implication that I was asserting that Libe agreed with me about anything beyond a single word). And yes, I call a state-sponsored killer a soldier, because that's the definition of the word soldier. And YES, our governments (over which we have little control) have done some really stupid things—if I had my druthers I wouldn't be paying taxes for a single soldier outside of what's needed to protect our and our allies' borders—but that's not an excuse for claiming the West as a monolith dumps chaos onto the rest of the world. Every human society is perfectly capable of producing chaos all on its own, thanks, and to imply the West invented it all is ironically rather a white-supremacist point of view.

    1. Bazompora

      Just because I blame the world I live in for most of the problems that come back to haunt it, doesn't mean I blame it for most of the things not on its collective conscience. Either you grossly overestimate your knowledge of what's on my mind or you were strawmanning me. But in case you thought of drawing out the trial of my viewpoint, the last paragraph of my last comment on that page would invalidate your claim.

  11. Post
    Ann Sterzinger

    And if you think shooting journalists in Paris was a righteous revenge for what a bunch of dead colonialists did, then the dead colonialists were merely avenging all the Franks who had to die in the battle of Tours. We can keep going back in time all day if you want…

    1. Post
    2. Post
    3. Bazompora

      Many colonialists still are alive though — but that's not central to matter.

      What does still matter, is that colonialism didn't just find remorse and disappear. No, it left behind infrastructures maintained by its multinationals and although the Third World, the Arab world included, became officially independent, they were compelled, through coups, debt and sanctions, to neglect development, export cheap resources and import our junk and production surplus. While this didn't directly lead to the recent shootings, it does maintain a source of conflict with the West. For those with non-European roots in a Western country, it is the systemic rejection on the job and housing market that causes discontentment. As if for rubbing salt in the wounds, every person of somewhat color is subjected to racist offences. For the very sensitive few, this society is too unfair to abide by and they become prone to gangsterism. If you're robber or a dealer, you're much more succesful then when you're picking up the crumbs after Whites. Some though, reject everything they associate with the society that treats them poorly and try to "return" to their roots. It is in these oversensitive and ambitious Wahhabite networks from the Arab world must have found their extension. The converts are clearly dependent for their entire self-worth on their sense of religious superiority — especially over the Western mainstream in whose shadow they have always lived. I maintain that they are mainly driven by a hatred of a world order where they are on a lower rung, yet, as religion is an alternate communication tool to language, theirs expresses their shared adversity to the West. There's a reason nobody goes to Lebanon to blow up a market where the portraits of Mohammed are sold for coin, yet they avenge THE WEST's blasphemy: these islamist warriors are resentful of the Western World first and will then jump on any offence BY US when they need a reason.

    4. Bilomax

      Oh Jesus, another 'It's all the West's fault'. Sorry to rock your boat, but there was a mighty powerful Muslim world and Empire ever before Europe became the world's powerhouse. This Muslim world would eagerly have conquered Europe (as it tried to do, but failed) and subjected its natives to Islamic rule. As for playing the race card, please, how deplorable. Europe has bent over backwards to accommodate every race and colour that has flocked to its shores in search of a better life; it has been far more accomomdating to outsiders than the Islamic world. Can't people really get past the cliched identity politics that consist of little other than amateur Marxism and resentment? And your comments stink deplorably of 'they got what they deserved'. Shameful.

    5. Bazompora

      Something's seriously wrong in your head, if that's what you make out of it. But I guess that if I'm not with your ilk, I must be with the other extreme.

      So, apparently, any mention of racism is playing the race card? Yet, if racism is a fact, why should I omit it from the circumstances? Answer me that, please.

      And if muslim nations far away are rife with bigotry, then here being less bad is good enough? So, when a jew has his windows broken here in Belgium, he should be happy he's not illegally evicted from his property like an Arab under Israeli rule? Jewish men have to fear for their safety whenever they leave the door, like women do when venturing onto an apparently deserted road. Yet, we wouldn't want to play the antisemitism card and understand that this could be why so many jews in the west defend a jewish colony in the east …

    6. Bilomax

      Every country is a 'colony' to one extent or the other, so spare us the juvenile anti-Israelism. And it's only in your head that western 'racism' was a factor in the attacks. Try holding the attackers responsible for their freely chosen deeds. I see here another critic of civilisation who's happy none the less to enjoy its benefits when it suits him.

    7. Bazompora

      Yeah, I'll bite the hand that feeds me, but just enough to show how happy I am. Lip service can't be bought from me by nation nor natalist.

      Racism is a factor, because it makes Whiteness a common scource of rancor for non-Whites. Do you really believe I'm seeing too much, in that in a White country the shooters were two Mahgrebinians and a Black man?

      The shooters are dead; focusing on their personal guilt just buries this highlight of a European phenomenon, in which hundreds of my fellow citizens with African roots convert to an Asian war cult, with them.

    8. Bilomax

      Jeez, what a piece of work you are. The self-congratulatory parasite who's happy to piss on the society that protects and feeds him. Why don't you go off and take arms against Europe? But I guess you are too much the self-pleased hypocrite to do so.

      And oh, the good old race card. "It's all Whitey's fault". And focusing on the shooters' guilt 'just buries' this. The only thing being buried are the 17 corpses in Paris. You are a disgrace.

    9. Bazompora

      Parasites reproduce their evil; I'm more of an inflammation resulting from the human condition. I'm also anti-war — with the inclusion of violent revolution. A hypocrite would kill another yet expect not to be killed and I am not going to deny I cower before violent death.

      And here we go again … Where did I say it's all "the White Man"'s fault? There are multiple links in a chain of causation. But the shooters are DEAD. What more can be done about them? We could address the role of Saudi-Arabia; but that ultimately leads back to their Western godfathers who answer to our collective votes.

    10. Bilomax

      Not very impressive. Here's what you're saying: 'Other people are parasites, but NOT ME. I am morally FAULTLESS, and will point out to you all the innumerable faults of those off whom I feed."

      And, oh, it's back to the West again. "Saudi Arabia, everything they do is ultimately the West's fault". Just pathetic. That's the problem with low-grade Marxists like you, no subtlety or complexity. Just 'this guy's pure and this guy's bad. If people come here and murder civilians, well it's the fault of the society they attack." Seriously, do you have any self-awareness whatsoever?

    11. Bazompora

      What I should have said is: "A worse kind of hypocrite would kill another yet expect not to be killed and I am not going to deny I cower before violent death." And how's not quite being one thing always the same as being quite the opposite? Everything really is black or white with you, isn't it?

      And, oh, Marxism? So, I am doing poorly at something I never observed? Ah bugger. And yeah, the West does keep pumping money in the people that attack its civilians. But I where did I say the attackers are "pure" or in any other way faultless? I alluded to a chain of causation leading up to their deads — which means the subject's decisions are part along with everything that influenced them.

    12. Bilomax

      "I alluded to a chain of causation leading up to their deads — which means the subject's decisions are part along with everything that influenced them." And how exactly do you know what influenced them?

      You see, ultimately you having nothing to say, bar trying to push the usual hypocritical, west-bashing line that is so utterly predictable. And when you're cornered you try and squirm out with obfuscatory language. Look, just carry on being a parasite and hypocrite, in full knowledge that you can enjoy the right of free speech, police protection, freedom of conscience etc. People like you are nothing new, and ultimately you contribute nothing.

    13. Bazompora

      Who said I was complaining about "oppression" regarding present me? I thought it was obvious enough that I was speaking in general. And how grand of you to shoot at the messenger.

      Maybe we should return to the matter of how you find its good to deal needless suffering provided another caused some first?


      while I am indeed just another too many of someone like me, I do not regret making my existence unprofitable for reproduction. I'd be a useful idiot for doing natalism a favor.

      And I think you're projecting your own lack of substance here. I had let slide your handwavy dismissal of the colonial reality of Israel: "Every country is a 'colony' to one extent or the other" — so let's start with this. In this so-called post-colonial era, no other country than Israel still brings in shiploads of foreigners in order to replace a a native population driven into ghettos and bantustans. These foreigners are granted full citizenship aslong as they belong to the ethnoreligious group of the regime, while the natives do not enjoy any such right. But most crucial, that state is dependent on foreign donations for its survival, from foundation to present: it never achieved independence from its Western donors. It's essentially the North-Atlantic dominion's beachhead in a region with key oil production, still following the classical colonial model of bringing in people from the homelands in order to exercise control over the exploitation of resources from the region to the benefit of the homelands. It's a White Western anti-muslim outpost in a Brown non-Western muslim homeland and its unique persistence is a source of global ire. But all you got going is acting offended about offences, smaller or greater like this one, being pointed out.

    14. Bilomax

      Yawn. So now you justify your exploitation of others by claiming it supports antinatalism. What a hypocritical, selfish jerk. All you're doing is leeching off the sweat of others. Proud of yourself?

      As for Israel, seriously you need to read some history. The UN offered Jews and Arabs their own states; the former accepted and the latter refused and the Arab countries invaded determined to destroy Israel and commit genocide on the Jews. Convenient how you don't mention that, isn't it? Doesn't suit your 'western oppresor coloniser' tale, does it? 'Cos only the White man bad in your little mental universe, right?

    15. Post
    16. Bazompora

      I didn't even think of mentioning that, because that particular situation has been resolved. But your zionist apology is as perverse as would be justifying the USA's pacification of Native Americans because their peoples once resisted encroachment by the colonizer through indiscriminate raids on their settlements. You're too stuck in seeing everything black or white. Yet, you can't see a territory that was auctioned off to European settlers by an occupying Great Britain, that kept Arab civilian refugees off land it annexed and settled more and more occupied land from Arabs with Whites to become three times as large a country, as the bloating manifestation of Western colonialism that it is and the Western chauvinism that it takes not to, is all your replies have for substance thus far.

      But, you were almost there, to figuring out that I'm really not attempting a justifyable existence.

    17. Bilomax

      Again, a sure sign of the agenda driven ideologue is an ignorance of History. Jews started settling the land under the Ottoman Empire, well before the British mandate, and I know this may be traumatic for you, but many Arabs were happy to sell land to them. Your 'Those nasty Jews came and kicked out the benign Arabs' doesn't hold water I'm afraid. And it was the Arabs who kicked off the violence in the region from 1936-39, not to mention the fact that the British attempted to limit Jewish immigration in the late 30s which lead to armed conflict between Jewish militias and British forces. Oh, and also, let's mention the fact that the Brits stopped Holocaust survivors from emigrating to Palestine and kept them in camps in Cyprus.

      Very sorry to point out realities that torpedo your simple-minded, 'Nasty Western Imperialists and those hateful Jeeeeeewwwwwssss are trying to conquer the world' thesis. Go back to bed.

    18. Bazompora

      Insinuating antisemitism as soon as zionism is attacked? How predictible. You're the one who's for shipping off Western jews to Israel, instead of doing something about our countries' antisemitism. But trying to address the plight of minorities within our borders, that, that would be simple-minded I presume?

      Where did I say there were no jews in Palestine/Israel prior to the mass import of White Ashkenzim? Jews have been present in every Near-Eastern country since their foundation too. You're only dragging this to the foreground to draw attention away from Israel's colonial aliyah policy, responsible for bringing in millions of colonial settlers. Yes, the Arabs resisted the colonial project before it became officially independant; so what of it? You disregard colonialism as the the initial aggression: zionist jews had collaborated with the Brits against Arab interests, and that began the vicious spiral of enmity. But that you bring up violent actions by non-jewish natives as a justification for jewish (increasingly Western) supremacy, shows your true colors. And yes, the Brits restricted settlement of their "mandate area", just as they had once placed restrictions on the expansion their Thirteen Colonies. As if a controlled colonial project isn't a true colony … laughable. It's not about jews living in Israel/Palestine; it's about the jewish anti-native state there, that is preserved by the Western countries, especially the US today. That the latter took over, as it has with influence spheres in Africa too, doesn't reduce it's Western colonial character.

    19. Bilomax

      Colonialism/Zionism/Brits/Imperialism, all bogey men for those who seek quick answers in order to deflect attention away from the fact that all humans suck fundamentally. But anyway, I leave you to your teenage simplicities. Enjoy leeching off of others (but I guess you justify that by referring to the exploitation of Africa. People like you always have an excuse for justifying behaviour that you are so quick to condemn in others).

    20. Bazompora

      (I'd like some clarification on who people like I are?)

      Why would I want to draw attention away from how much Man sucks? I'm a misanthropic antinatalist and the evil core to Man's nature is reason to me for wanting our entire species gone. You display no ability to gauge me, so I would appreciate you ceased pretenses at such.

      Also, despite my professed misanthropy, I don't use as an excuse our species' bad nature that I condemn, for justifying the conduct thereof against others.

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