Lisa Falour has been sucked into that horrible maw…

For those who know her… just letting you know that Lisa Falour has died.

For those who don’t… she was an amazing artist, raconteuse, and maniac, and I hope she’s remembered by more people than just those of us who were lucky enough to know her crazy ass.

I don’t know what else to say right now. I’ve lost friends before, but she was one in seven billion.

RIP, Lisa.

The tip of the iceberg.

A bit more.

I’ll never see you again.


  1. J Peiper

    Nice interview in the one link. I can't help but think of Robert Crumb when I hear of someone expatriating to France. I can't even imagine it though with how PC (and ready to throw one in prison for lack of it) Europe, Britain and Canada are compared to the US. Faurisson or Zuendel, anyone?

    One thing I miss from France, thanks to the "Tobacco Settlement" or whatever the hell it was called that scared off, it seems, Altadis, are Gauloises cigarettes. Not so much their packaged cigarettes (and the also lovely Gitanes) but rather their RYO tobacco that I last had in probably 2004 before it disappeared (alas and alack) from the shops. Wonderful and fragrant caporal.

    Thank you for posting about your friend.

    1. Post
      Ann Sterzinger

      You're welcome, and thanks. I didn't know they axed Gitanes. Well, Lisa's smoke of choice was Dunhills anyway. I can see her elegantly lighting one in my mind's eyes… she was one of the last really fun AND classy ladies. God I miss her.

    2. J Peiper

      I finished listening to your interview with Robert Stark and I really enjoyed it. I'll be adding one of your books at my next checkout at Amazon. I have to say though, I knew you were a writer and figured you'd be good with grammar and all that, but now, realizing that you're a proofreader as well, it's going to make me self-concious posting any message here (I'm now second guessing all the commas in that sentence and these parenthesis). It's kind of like that old joke about meeting a shrink at a party. If it's of any interest to you, I saw the interview posted to Keith Preston's website:

      Well, as far as I can tell, Gitanes and Gauloises aren't available in the US any more and I think the company, Altadis, got scared off by all the litigation here in the US. There aren't any good tobacconists in the area that I live to know for certain. I'm primarily a pipe smoker any more and my favourite tobacco comes from an English company, Gawith Hoggarth & Co. called Dark Flake. They're an old company, over a hundred years old, and they still produce some very traditional and strong pipe tobaccos like Dark Flake, the kind of stuff that Holmes and Watson would have been familiar with. I'm smoking some in a cob as I write this.

      I visited a friend in hospital last year and I noticed signs as I walked in declaring the hospital a tobacco free zone. Not just a smoke free zone but a tobacco free zone. I had a dip of snuff in my lip and I wondered what conceivable difference that could make, assuming, of course, I'm not spitting all over the place, to the health and well being of anyone around me? To my mind it just represents the snootiness with which tobacco users can expect to be treated any more. I just followed the advice of my uncle when he was jaywalking and crossing the street against the light in Washington DC with me once: rules and laws are there to be broken.

      I can imagine your friend with a Dunhill cigarette. Did she hold it in the European fashion between her thumb and forefinger? A friend of my brother's would buy a pack of Players in Canada and smoke them on the drive back to Washington State, much to the annoyance of my brother, just so he could do that. LOL. He wasn't a smoker.

      Who introduced you to anti-natalism? A friend of mine gave me Benatar's book and I then had an ethical foundation for my already unsuitable lifestyle and temperament when it comes to children.

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      Ann Sterzinger

      Heh, don't worry, I take time off work when I'm reading comments on stuff (i.e. i dont proofred themz). Chip Smith gave me Benatar's book and it had a similar effect. "Oh, there's an organized way to articulate this, I guess I can think more clearly about it now."

    4. Post
      Ann Sterzinger

      She held her cigarettes like a New Yorker, at the very tips of her index and middle fingers. She tried to smoke out the window to not stink up her apartment too much. It wasn't a very picturesque place to smoke because their windows looked out onto a lower level of the roof, and her neighboors would toss junk out onto the roof. I still can't believe I'll never see her again.

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  2. Anonymous

    Is it really true that Lisa Falour has passed? I can't believe it, she seemed fine. I have watched her videos for a very long time.

  3. Anonymous

    Howdy, Do you happen to know where and when Lisa Baumgartner Falour was interned? Thank you for any information given.

    1. SunShine8308

      I'd really like to know that myself. She left so many amazing comments on my page ( ). I've had to stop watching her videos for a while because the sense of her absence is overwhelming.

    2. SunShine8308

      I'd really like to know that myself. She left so many amazing comments on my page ( ). I've had to stop watching her videos for a while because the sense of her absence is overwhelming.

  4. Amélie Renoncule

    For the last 1/2 dozen years I was a neighbour & confidant/pal to Lisa. So it came as no surprise that I should be the first to discover her reposed form…SO angelic in appearance!
    May God have mercy on her soul…and any other sinners if so there be.

    Memorial Service, English Orthodox Chant:

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