Rachel Haywire is Not an Embezzler… That I Know Of


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Lest I wind up in jail for trying not to wind up in jail…

I have no evidence that Rachel Haywire actually misused any funds from the Trigger Warning Indiegogo campaign. For all I know she has a perfectly lovely and organized accounting ledger which she just never let me see because… er, because…

Yeah, that’s where my mind kept getting stuck. She told me about all the crazy expenses she had doled out for, but none of it made much sense, and a ledger was never proffered.

Let me repeat: I never saw proof of what happened with the finances.

There were all kinds of frightening indications that she might have spent all the money on God knows what: her lame excuses for stalling in paying me for my writing and labor; her insistence that I take half the money now and get the other half after continuing to work for her for an indefinite length of time; her admission during our last Skype call that she was pretty much broke; her suggestion that she and I take any extra “mad money” and go on a “sexcation” to see some guy she was interested in, presumably with me as winggirl.

Therefore, I moved to expose her not because I was certain she had committed any crime, but because there were enough indications to make me afraid she might have. And considering her past behavior toward myself and others, I had reason to suspect she would try to pin the blame on me should the shit hit the fan.

The bottom line: I wanted to make public the fact that I never saw the money, and I was never allowed to touch the money or see any financial records; for all I know Rachel has virtuously put it in a trust fund for the magazine or invested it in gold bonds for the future. So for your sake and mine, avoid all slander, libel, etc.

Thanks, and have a nut-job-free day! I know I will. Ahhhhhhh, that feels good.


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  2. David Mulch

    Well done. But this is underwhelming After the Trump menstrual blood portrait. The other portraits were kind of brown.

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