Even MTV Has Lowered its Standards

By all sane accounts, getting old is always a drag at best, and usually closer to terrifying. But I swear, doing it during a period of decadence is about as depressing as getting old gets. When I was a kid, when we finally got MTV anyway, the teeny-bopper music video channel wasn’t something grown-ups took seriously—but aside from actually earning their cool points by playing music videos (remember when music was cool?) instead of skating by on their past cred and filling their hours with cheaper-to-produce propaganda videos, I don’t think that 1980s or 1990s MTV would ever have allowed a visual as unprofessional as this to appear:

Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 8.11.52 PM

But I suppose that I, as a cis-speller, should just shut my damn privileged mouth. Speaking of gnothi seauton fails, I try to pry into my mind but I still cannot understand why I keep on attempting to do anything at all in this horrible mess.

(Dictionary definition was added by YouTuber Sargon of Akkad, as you can probably tell from my screenshot.)


  1. Ben A

    Does Laci Green’s stuff actually appear on MTV? I thought it was just a Youtube channel that MTV promoted.

    Either way, this is a silly mistake for just a vlogger to make. Let alone one with backing from MTV of all things.

  2. MawBTS

    I wish hardcore 2nd wave feminism would make a comeback. Say what you will about Dworkin and Solanas, a reality TV show about them would be entertaining.

    These cloying fake-nice “respect my pronouns plz ^_^” people are just boring and annoying.

  3. Hugh Jazole

    Just saw a review of your book NVSQVAM on Heathen Harvest. I go there to look at music reviews, and was not expecting that.

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