Free Cheese, My Ass

When I hear people I otherwise thought were relatively intelligent complain that the rich don’t pay their fair share of taxes out of one side of their mouth and ask for more free tax-funded goodies out of the other, I think, well, maybe they’re not relatively intelligent after all.

Dear my leftist friends: the people who are mad about Trump aren’t literally insane. They’re sick of getting taken advantage of from both sides.

The free tuition, welfare, and all the other crap you want is never going to come out of those evil rich people’s pockets. Because—as you complain, this time correctly, yourselves—the super-wealthy can afford all kinds of tax shelters. You can hike their tax rate up as far as you like, but GE is still not going to fund the brunt of your free lunch.

I’ve owned a small business, population one, for years, and I do my own taxes. Even if a business follows the law to the letter, there’s a giant break percentage-wise around 100 grand in profits. Proportionally, even without Swiss bank accounts, people who net less than that are going to be paying for your Bernie bucks. He’ll make the rich guys pay, you say? Bullshit. He’ll try for six months and then someone will pay him off. You think he can resist? He’s been living off others all his life.


The little guy who’s working full-time is going to pay for your pie in the sky, you greedy, lazy fucks.The small businessman who’s struggling to meet payroll is going to pay for it. The cube rat is going to pay for it. The freelancer grinding it out is going to pay for it. And you know it. According to your own logic, according to your own complaints about the rich dodging their taxes, you’re completely willing to tax the worker to pay for you to sit around and pontificate. “Yeah, we’ll work that out later. And if we can’t make the rich pay, well… who cares about those middle-class loser white guys? I have green hair!”

Go ahead and admit it: You’re as narcissistic as any trust-fund baby, assuming you aren’t one as it is. You think you’re better than the little people. All of us schmucks who pay the taxes can work; you get to go to grad school in gender studies, because you’re saving the world in your crazy little mind.


  1. John Steele

    Keep your declared income at the poverty line.
    Have a cash only side business.
    Shop at thrift stores.
    You will qualify for SNAP, Medicaid, housing vouchers, utility, subsidizes etc.

  2. PapayaSF

    Taxes (and the minimum wage) going up means that prices go up, and then the left complains how the poor struggle to afford things….

      1. asterzinger

        (I thought people would have more money to spend beyond their rent, so that would be good for small business. But it’s just a band-aid slapped on the continual influx of new labor supply, and it’s never going to keep up with the inflation it causes.)

        1. dance...dancetotheradio

          Labour supply.
          I started working as a dishwasher at fourteen.
          Before that I’d delivered papers for four years.
          My kids don’t have the same opportunity.
          In Saskatoon in 2008 there was a shortage of labour and they hired every kid they could.
          It really sucked as far as customer service went.
          But, maybe they just had bad managers.
          The next year they opened the floodgates and all the kids were replaced with immigrants.
          Actually, the immigrants were nurses on the temporary visa program.
          And they all got second jobs In the fast food restaurants.
          Sure, I got better burgers but my kids now have no place to find a job.

          1. dance...dancetotheradio

            I had a lot of conflicting aspirations growing up.
            I wanted to be Keith Emerson of Emerson Lake and Palmer.
            And I wanted to be a scientist.
            Then I wanted to be a writer.
            I know I’m a good writer.
            But, I’ve been waiting for that Joseph Conrad level of impetus and awareness.
            Writers don’t know anything when they are twenty seven.
            I was a banquet manager for ten years.
            Went back to school when I was nearly forty.
            And became an engineering technician.
            Gonna go up north soon.
            Lots of time alone to figure it out.

          2. Drunk_by_Noon

            Dishwashers of the world UNITE!
            What should we call ourselves?
            “The Last of The Great White Dishwashers”?

          3. dance...dancetotheradio

            You know, it used to be that you could exploit a fourteen year old kid.
            Payback was that you’d eat them for the difference.
            I grew ten inches in two years and I attribute it to the nutrition I got from working in a place like that.

          4. Drunk_by_Noon

            I miss the days of eating several pounds of overdone prime rib in one sitting.
            Once more, our live experiences were parallel, but 1,000 miles apart.
            Dude, you should have lit out for L.A. in the 80’s! 🙂

          5. asterzinger

            I miss being able to find a dishwashing job at the drop of a rental agreement. Those were the days! Jobs Americans won’t do my ASS. Maybe jobs YOU’RE too prissy to do, imaginary person who’s saying this, but some of us PREFER menial labor to cube ratting.

  3. Simon Elliot

    Hey Ann, we were talking about the compatibility of welfare and anti-natalism and you didn’t respond to my last post. Not trying to pressure you, just thought that maybe you missed it.

  4. Mark Reardon

    “All of us schmucks who pay the taxes can work; you get to go to grad
    school in gender studies, because you’re saving the world in your crazy
    little mind.”
    You win the internet today.

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  6. Anton Chigurh ✓Patriarch

    We miss you over at Takis Ann, but glad to have discovered your home site. And you have Disqus! You’re a peach, what’s not to love here?

      1. Anton Chigurh✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃˡᶦˢᵗ

        Been better, the only thing left at Takis worth reading is Goad (you can get Sailer & Buchanan elsewhere), we’ve been stuck with Cole, Massie and a couple of other duds so I’ve largely abandoned it.

        “need to read my comments more often” *3 months later* LOL

          1. Anton Chigurh✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃˡᶦˢᵗ

            and yet you took the time to respond to me. lol embarassing

          2. 1-ironDrivingMan

            Well, sure, that’s kneejerk for you, but my motives are not your motives. You wackadoodles amuse me. You’re all full of rage, which gains you nothing. I’ve seen no evidence that any of you can dredge up so much as one effective plot from that bubbling pool of seething resentment. Oy vey, such revolutionary geniuses you are already.

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