The Next Terrorist Attack in France

So the dumb millennials in France continue to “protest” the government’s attempts to relax labor laws in order to allow these kids access to the job market; in ordinary times, this would be stupid enough.

But that’s mere economic illiteracy. At a time when the forces of order are foiling terror plots on a pretty much daily basis worldwide, the increasing scope, violence, and bloody-minded insistence of the “protests” (I’m using scare quotes around “protest” because the phrase “violent, destructive bullshit attempt to use one’s welfare leisure to LARP the 1960s when the legislature in question is one of the French government’s rare attempts in recent times to make capitalism actually work for the populace instead of regulating your entire generation out of a job” is rather unwieldy) is fucking suicidally stupid.

I am not a big fan of the “forces of order,” particularly not when they overreach their supposed bounds. I am not a big fan of the power of the state. But since modern Westerners have been pussified out of the ability to defend ourselves—and since you, Europe, are the targets of a pretty much ongoing and climaxing guerrilla war on your soil, whether you want to admit and cope with it or not—we need to let the police do their job: protecting us.

There are thousands of known jihadists in Europe, and within the EU they can travel wherever they like, often without even interacting with another human being. The forces of order already have their hands full keeping track of these guys, don’t you suppose?

And yet you are exhausting, distracting, insulting, and thinning out the very social shock troops whose job it is to protect you… All, apparently, because your main goal in life, besides staying on benefits, is epater les adultes.


It’s telling that the protests are modeled on the American Occupy movement. Occupy accomplished exactly zero of its stated goals. But its unstated goals—those of making the kids feel better, giving them a self-righteous social outlet, and, most important, making minor celebrities of a select few of them—were a smashing success.

Look, you fucking idiots. This is not the time to build your resume as a professional leftist. This is not the time to try to get on TV. This is not the time to show Dad you’re mad. I don’t think you’re even TRYING to save the world, so get off your high horse and look at the historical moment around you.

I take no joy in predicting this, believe me. But if you don’t stop draining the resources of the people who are supposed to be tracking and stopping the people who WANT TO KILL YOU, there’s going to be another major terrorist attack in France. I hope to God I’m wrong, but if I were a terrorist I would look at what you’re doing and rub my hands with glee.


  1. Chris Hernandez author

    At some point in the very near future, these children are going to get the anarchy and multiculturalism they think they want. And it’s not going to be as much fun as they expected.

  2. Manuel ✓Straight, Cis-gender

    I feel the same way… I hate the government but for pussified, unarmed Europe it may just be the lesser of two evils. Molesting everyone to fly? Unreasonable. ID? Not so much, especially in refugee infested shit holes.

    1. PapayaSF

      This does promise to be the best Democratic convention since 1968, doesn’t it? Come to think of it, Democrats will probably riot at both conventions.

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