Are Angela Merkel and George W. Bush Terrible for the Same Reason?

Since about 2001, every national leader in the west besides Donald Trump seems to want to be president/chancellor/poobah of the entire damn world (I’m hoping Marine LePen will get the chance to provide a second exemption, but we’ll see how badly she bombs in the next debate). Too bad the whole world isn’t quite as horrified by jihadist terror attacks as most of the western electorate tends to be.

You guys. Caring about the whole fuckin’ world is greaaaaaat, morally speaking. I am sure you will get at least 35.4 virgins. But job number one when you are elected leader of a people is to take care of that people. If there was a mom on your block who fed all the other kids in the neighborhood and let hers serve the other kids and then get locked up starving in a cupboard at the end of the day, we would think she was fucking insane and put her in jail. But for some dumb reason, the idiots of this world praise leaders like Barack Obama and Angela Merkel for pretending to care more about refugees than their own people (never mind the fact that Obama was dropping the bombs that created a refugee crisis in the first place… that wasn’t Nobel Obama, that was Bizarro Obama!).

But sometimes Merkel seems to be an asshole in more the GW Bush vein than the Obama vein. Back in the aughts, I was continually horrified by gee-dub’s cavalier attitude toward American troops. Unless it was time for a photo op, he didn’t seem to care how many guys went into the meat grinder. They were farting around the desert in vehicles that were literally covered in garbage instead of armor.

It’s one thing to be callous about enemy troops and civilians who die. It’s bad, but at least guarding those populations is not the job you were hired for. It takes a true psycho and/or dumbass to go to war without even giving a damn about one’s own soldiers. It takes a psycho or dumbass of heretofore unimaginable dimensions to deliberately bring an invading force onto one’s own soil and then feed them.

Gee-dub, in his non-defense, didn’t even seem to want to save the world. He just wanted to get back at So Damn Insane for making fun of his father.

What a fuckin’ putz.

But Angela Merkel seems to be totally callous to the suffering of her own people–the entire people in her case, not just the soldiery–and it’s more for crazy reasons than putzy ones. The chancellor seems (unless she’s just senselessly evyl, which I suppose is always a possibility) to sincerely want to be thought of as some kind of savior goddess of the whole accursed world (or, as Stephan Molyneux keeps saying, she’s being blackmailed; I dunno, whatever it is, it’s crazy). And she’s not doing it by sending volunteers  to bleed out in the sand. She’s potentially bleeding out every German alive by bringing in millions of people from cultures that consider women to be rape-bags and non-Muslims to be target practice. Because we can’t let children drown! It’s not the problem of a small percentage of the population. As much as you don’t want to see a national leader needlessly waste troops’ lives, at least American soldiers signed a piece of paper saying they understand they might wind up in a war. Thanks to Merkel, whether they signed up for the PC brigade or not, not one  German commoner has anywhere to hide. (I was going to say “no German people have etc.”, but I doubt Merkel herself is living next door to to the new neighborhood rapist.)

She forgot that part where the German people elected her to, you know, kinda take care of their needs.

You can throw up in your mouth all you like about how ugly Trump’s nationalism is. But I don’t recall politics ever being aesthetic. And at least he’s doing the job he was hired for. It would be great if we could save the whole world. But some parts of the world are really, really, REALLY fucked up. It’s insane and egotistical to think that you personally, or even we as a nation, can save everyone on the damn globe. It’s a big place. There are plenty of people and entire societies who are hopelessly buried in failed ideologies. And by trying to do the impossible, we’re tossing out what we had already accomplished. Which is to make the United States and Germany and France comparatively decent places to live, compared to the rest of human history, especially for women. Now we’re bringing in this and the crushing weight of all this and this (“But he wuz born in America! Home-grown!” Yes, to a Muslim father who never assimilated, because no one dared say heya), a terror attack every other day (oh, here’s another one as I write!) and a rape every other minute and the feminists don’t say jack, because ironically they seem to want to be the entire world’s mommy.

I’d say do your fucking job, Merkel. But it’s probably too late. Germany and France would appear to be fucked. So let Trump do his.

You’re killing people, you assholes. You are killing. Your. Own. People.


  1. PapayaSF

    I’ve read that Merkel let them in originally because she didn’t want the bad optics of keeping them out. But that decision will be seen as perhaps the third worst mistake a German leader made in the last 100 years, and may do more long-term damage than the other two. I think the US should stop importing the Third World and get ready to take European Christians fleeing the Muslim hordes.

    Oh, and France, please don’t leave your nukes behind when you abandon your country. Thanks.

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