Memento Morons Vodcast

I’ve decided to make the Memento Morons vodcast a more or less regular thing. (Wow, that’s commitment. Well, as usual, I have to do shit to pay the bills.) Not JUST because we’re becoming an idiocracy where no one reads, but that’s part of it. However, people are also generally busier than is humane, and it’s probably easier to listen to someone’s bullshit opinions during your commute than trying to carve out reading time after work.

Format will evolve, I’m sure, although right now I’d like to claim invention-ship of my technique of using subtitles in the middle of the video to humorously undercut/create a dialogue with the spoken content, since people are already asking me how I do it so they can make similar videos. No doubt this will bite me in the ass, knowing how dishonest you animals are, as someone will inevitably accuse me of ripping THEM off (or raping them).

Usually, it’s just me. But there will be guests from time to time. This Sunday, I’ll be interviewing Andy Nowicki on the topic of incels. We would love to also bring a feminist on, if we can find one who can be civil to Andy and argue honestly instead of calling people names. If that’s you, please contact me on Facebook before Sunday at 6 PM CST.

While you wait, here are the first episodes:



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