Girl Detectives

girl-detectivesGirl Detectives is my first novel, a comic murder mystery set during the last days of the newspaper industry.

Join Edgar Rodger, a fledgling private eye and former murder-desk rewrite man for a Chicago daily, as he descends into the bizarre world of the city’s favorite artsy-cultural alternative weekly paper. Inspired equally by Wodehouse and Chandler, Girl Detectives lightens the murder mystery brew with social satire and sick slapstick as it conjures up a fun-house milieu where nobody can seem to be themselves, not even a corpse.

Kimmie Wrigley, a functional illiterate whose family fortune helped her skate into a job as a Chiculture staff writer, was driving her editor to drink when she disappeared. She was also busy stealing a man from Maurinette Meede, the imperious, blue-blooded food critic. But the paper’s proofreaders—all slightly unhinged by their ‘intellectual’ dead-end jobs—also hated the dopey heiress on principle.

With so many potential killers, there’s only one thing for Rodger to do: blackmail them ’til they sign on as deputy detectives and rat each other out.

Praise for Girl Detectives

“…a gripping and hilarious read.” — Matt Forney,

“[Girl Detectives is] funny, sometimes hysterically so… and sharply observant, in a refreshingly un-PC way…” — James J. O’Meara, Counter-Currents Publishing

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