Hire Me

I’d bet quite a lot of money that I’m the most experienced, accurate, tough but sympathetic and voice-sensitive editor available for freelance hire in the Alt Right. I got my first paid editing job at the age of 17, in the year 1992—when most of the competition was still in diapers. I’m old school and will do the sexy librarian bitch routine upon demand.

My experience ranges from Taki’s Magazine to the Chicago Reader to the Daily Cardinal to zines to everything else you can imagine, including clickbait about hypnosis, health, and the law of attraction (hey, I said I’ll do anything!). My main current gig is co-editing at Right On!, but the volume at the site is currently low enough that I have plenty of time to make your project sound note-perfect. I particularly enjoy editing and proofreading books; ask Chip Smith of Nine-Banded Books if I’m any good at it.

Hire me at $.02 per word for editing; $0.05 per word copywriting. Rates can be discussed for small publishers.