The Talkative Corpse


The Talkative Corpse is my third novel, another comedy of the damned from the author of Girl Detectives and NVSQVAM (Nowhere).

John Jaggo is a 40-year old former veteran of the dying newspaper industry, currently stuck slinging pizza part-time for minimum wage with snotty kids half his age. As he chokes on hopelessness, rage, and half-rotten pepperoni, the only things he can find that give his existence a scrap of meaning are moping over his traitorous ex-girlfriend and wondering how and if the future will remember what used to be called the American Dream.

Thousands of years later, archaeologists are puzzled by the diary he decides to spend his free time writing, laminating, and burying in the dirt courtyard of his apartment building… especially when they get to the part where he summons a minor demon in a black-out drunk on Halloween. And then he meets a girl.

Praise for The Talkative Corpse

“…Ann Sterzinger tears into the bullshit of contemporary American life with a mixture of venom, humor, and even a little empathy.” — Ben Arzate, Days Slip Away Like Drips from a Leaking Faucet

“…Sterzinger’s portrait of modern American loserdom is so bitingly funny that it’s a must-read.” — Matt Forney,

“Although we are reading about our time, we are prompted to detach ourselves from the familiar and imagine ordinary life in present day Chicago as something foreign and unrecognizable.” — Nathan Leonard, Heathen Harvest

“…a compelling, quick, and page-flipping read, with deep insights into the mind of a kind of character most often forgotten, or tripped over, in our bling-worshipping society.” — Frank Marcopolis,

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